New Traktor 2.10.2 Promises To Stamp On Annoying Bugs

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Pro Traktor 2.10.2
Last updated 5 April, 2018


The latest maintenance release of Traktor promises to squash some pesky bugs, and will be eagerly downloaded by readers who have been struggling just recently and some of whom have reverted to earlier versions in order to keep their software working well.

Native Instruments has announced that a Traktor 2.10.2 maintenance update is available for download via Service Center or from the software’s updates page, and is strongly recommending users install this update as soon as possible.

The update fixes known issues from the previous version, including unexpected software crashes – something we have been hearing more than usual about from Traktor users over the last few weeks. Specifically, the Traktor 2.10.2 update resolves the following known issues:

  • Software crashes when entering the following type of characters in the browser’s search field: accents (e.g. ‘Beyoncé’), Japanese characters or German umlauts (e.g. ‘ä’ or ‘ö’)
  • Deletion of the Genre tag from the Track Collection after analysing a newly imported track
  • Windows only: The Windows Explorer does not launch when right-clicking on a track in a Playlist and selecting Show in Explorer from the context menu

Fact or fiction? How to look up your bugs!

As we say, there anecdotally do appear to have been a rise in crashes and bugs as of late in Traktor, which hopefully this will fix (let us know in the comments).

But did you know that you can view all known issues for every Traktor update release in the document “Readme.pdf”? It’s located in your Applications (OS X) / Program Files (Windows) folder in your hard drive under the following path: Native Instruments > Traktor 2 > Documentation > Readme.pdf.

• Find out more on the Native Instruments website

Let us know how you get on with the new Traktor 2.10.2 in the comments below.

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