Friday Roundup: “Prince Fired Me From A DJ gig…” RIP

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 4 August, 2017


Friday Roundup
The world just lost a one of a kind music icon. In remembrance of Prince, we’ve got a story from one DJ on how Prince kicked him off the decks and replaced him with a fish. RIP

As the world mourns the passing of Prince, a true music original, in this week’s Friday Roundup we’ve got a lighthearted DJ anecdote on the brilliant and often eccentric icon, a look at a turntable that’s got DVS built in, and a look at DJ Shiftee’s new routine. They’re all here in our weekly roundup of DJ news from around the web. Happy weekend!

  1. Prince Fired Me From A DJ Gig And Screened Finding Nemo Instead – On the sad news of Prince’s death, here’s a funny story we remember about when he fired his DJ, and replaced him with… Nemo. Consequence Of Sound has it Read more
  2. Dance Music Can Survive Without EDM – This weekend’s Coachella festival, with its increasingly diverse selection of techno and house DJs and performers, shows that there’s life after EDM as far as the US festival market is concerned. Thump has it Read more
  3. This Technics Has A DVS Inside It – DJ Techtools featured a DIY modded Technics 1200 that works standalone with your laptop, no need for an external DVS box Read more
  4. Routine Walkthrough: DJ Shiftee – Check out the scratch maestro’s latest turntablism routine that includes a synth and a Maschine controller. Create Digital Music has it Read more
  5. Get Serato DJ & Serato DJ Suite At 50% Off – You can purchase Serato DJ and the full Serato DJ Suite that comes with all the add-ons and FX expansions at a deep discount until 28 April 2016. It’s over at the Serato site Read more
  6. Documentary On 808 Drum Machine Coming To iTunes – A film about the iconic Roland TR-808 drum machine is coming this Spring to Apple Music and iTunes. You can stream the trailer at Mixmag Watch it

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