Musikmesse 2016: Reloop RP-7000 GLD Limited Edition Gold Turntable

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
musikmesse-2016 Reloop RP-7000 Turntable
Last updated 7 August, 2017


Reloop RP-7000 Gold
Reloop just announced a limited edition gold version of its high-end RP-7000 turntable here at Musikmesse 2016.

Reloop has announced a gold version of its RP-7000 high-end turntable ahead of this week’s Musikmesse 2016. The RP-7000 GLD is in commemoration of the company’s 20th anniversary and will be a limited edition of 1000 pieces, each bearing a plate with its serial number etched.

It also comes with a gold headshell and record cleaner. A gold Concorde turntable cartridge by Ortofon will also be made available to complement the RP-7000 GLD.

We really liked the performance, value, and sturdy build of the original Reloop RP-7000, and this RP-7000 GLD gold edition just makes it an even more attractive proposition if you’re into adding a bit of bling in your set-up. We’re en route to Frankfurt right now for the show, so check back for our coverage on it.

• The Reloop RP-7000 GLD will be available from August 2016 for €549, while the gold Ortofon Concorde cartridge will be available from June 2016 for €89. Check the Reloop website for more details.

What are your thoughts on this gold deck? Want one, or is gold gear gaudy? Let us know below.

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