Pioneer DJ Launches DDJ-RR & DDJ-RB Controllers For Rekordbox DJ

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Last updated 2 October, 2018


Rekordbox DJ Controllers
Pioneer DJ just released two new Rekordbox DJ two-channel controllers: the DDJ-RR and the DDJ-RB.

Pioneer DJ just announced two new Rekordbox DJ controllers – the DDJ-RR and the DDJ-RB. While both are essentially 2016 refreshes to existing controllers by Pioneer DJ (the DDJ-SR and DDJ-SB2), there are some nice upgrades here apart from the ability to use them natively with the company’s Rekordbox DJ software.

The DDJ-RR is the first update to Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-SR two-channel controller, and it brings the model straight into 2016 by adding slightly larger jogs than its predecessor (126mm compared to 120mm on the original DDJ-SR) and the jogs now come with an illuminated centre status ring whose behaviour you can customise within Rekordbox DJ. There are also a pair of XLR Master outputs now, in conjunction with a pair of RCA Master outs and a pair of 1/4″ Booth outputs, adding even more output flexibility for mobile and Pro DJs.

A welcome addition previously available only on more expensive models like the DDJ-SX and DDJ-SZ is the Needle Search strip which lets you jump to parts of a track that you’ve got loaded. The “Sequencer” buttons for Rekordbox DJ and backlit RGB pads make their way onto the DDJ-RR as well.

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The DDJ-RB is an update to last year’s DDJ-SB2, and it ups the number of performance pads from four to eight, thanks to the dedicated Cue and Play buttons (finally!). Both controllers also come with the “PC Master output” feature in Rekordbox DJ, so you can assign the Master output to your laptop’s speakers (for when you don’t have an external pair of speakers connected to your DDJ-RB or DDJ-RR), and you can still monitor headphone cues on the DDJ-RB or DDJ-RR itself – a handy feature to have when you’re on the go and need to practise. Sequence Call is also a new feature found on both controllers, which let you load a sequence you’ve stored directly from the pads themselves.

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• The Pioneer DJ DDJ-RR will retail for US$699 and the DDJ-RB for US$249. Both will be available from late May 2016. Check the Pioneer DJ site for more details.

What do you think of these two Rekordbox DJ controllers? What are your thoughts on Rekordbox DJ as an all-in platform for laptop controller DJing and DJing with just CDJs and a USB stick at a club? Let us know below.

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