Get Your SoundCloud Uploads Mastered For Free With LANDR

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
LANDR music production Pro soundcloud
Last updated 10 April, 2018


LANDR SoundCloud
You can now master your tracks with LANDR for free if you send them straight to your SoundCloud account.

LANDR, the online service that masters tracks instantly, just announced a partnership with SoundCloud that lets you master your track for free and have it sent straight to SoundCloud. You connect your LANDR and SoundCloud accounts, then upload your production to LANDR for mastering. You’re then presented with an option to master it using the “Optimized for SoundCloud” format and have it posted to your SoundCloud track library.

We like how cost-effective LANDR is for getting your tracks mastered and ready for the dancefloor, and now that you can use it for free on any productions you upload to SoundCloud, it’s likely more people will dabble with what the company offers.

• Check out the LANDR website to sign up.

Have you tried mastering with LANDR? What are your thoughts on this new partnership? Think it’s a good deal, or would you rather have nothing to do with SoundCloud at this point? Let us know below.

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