Numark NVII Controller For Serato DJ Unveiled

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Last updated 5 April, 2018


Numark NVII
Numark just announced the Numark NVII for Serato DJ, the update to one of the first DJ controllers with built-in full-colour displays.

Numark just announced the Numark NVII, the successor to its NV controller that was the first Serato DJ controller with built-in screens. Updates include displays that now show gridlines for easier visual beatmatching, and five-column music sorting that lets you go through your music according to artist name, title, key, BPM, and time.

The touch-capacitive jogwheels on the NVII have been updated as well, and they now adjust to your feel by “learning” and adapting to how hard you press and how fast you spin them. Other new features include minor cosmetic updates (the “carbon-fiber” trim and black jogs) and library / deck navigation tweaks.

Here’s a comparison between the NVII (top) and original NV (bottom). Updated screens, navigation buttons, jogwheels, and a few cosmetic tweaks are what’s on offer for the Numark NVII.

The NVII isn’t a major jump from the original NV controller, but the upgrades are enough to make this better than its predecessor: the updated screens and navigation mean you could be looking at your laptop less and going through your library quicker, plus we think the style boost makes it a sleeker unit overall.

It may not be enough reason to switch up if you’re already a Numark NV user, but if you’ve been thinking about getting one, you’ll most probably want to go for the fresher Numark NVII.

Check out the photo gallery and promo video below.

Photo Gallery

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Promo Video

• The Numark NVII will retail for US$699 and will be available from Summer 2016. Check the Numark website for more details.

What do you think of this new controller from Numark? Think the upgrades are worth it? Do you think innovations have peaked for DJ controllers? Let us know below.

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