Friday Roundup: Reaction To The Orlando Club Shooting

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 4 August, 2017


Friday Roundup
We stand together against all forms of discrimination, bigotry, and violence as the world mourns the victims of the Orlando massacre.

In this week’s Friday Roundup, we’ve got an important piece gathering the sentiments of DJs and dance music fans after the recent Orlando shooting. We’ve also got a feature on Paul Van Dyk’s road to recovery after his near-fatal stage fall, and a piece on a major new SoundCloud investor. All these and more in our weekly roundup of DJ news from around the web. Take care of each other, and have a safe weekend, folks!


Orlando: DDJT editorial comment

We had a chat in our weekly meeting here at DDJT about not really knowing what to do in the face of what happened in Orlando. But here’s what I want to say: Our culture is about inclusivity. Discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, sexuality, religion or anything else is unacceptable. Call it “PLUR”, call it “one nation under a groove”, it doesn’t matter how you want to word this – this is a pre-requisite in our world. If you’re here, on this page, reading this, as part of our community, you also accept this; if you don’t, we are not your tribe. Finally – to everyone affected directly or indirectly by this sad, sad event, fight on. We are by your side x. – Phil

  1. How The Dance Community Responded To The Orlando Shooting – Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected. Magnetic Magazine has the piece Read more
  2. Is Live Electronic Music Taking Over? – In the wake of the EDM DJ boom, are dance music lovers shifting their tastes to live performances instead of just DJ sets? Magnetic Magazine explores Read more
  3. Are Traktor & Serato DJs Locked Out Of DVS On The DJM-900NXS2? – With Rekordbox DVS now available as an add-on to Rekordbox DJ, Pioneer DJ seems to be putting up walls to guard its DJ ecosystem. DJ Techtools has the scoop Read more
  4. Sting’s Daughter Is A DJ – Arguably the finest multi-instrumentalist and songwriter on the planet has a kid who didn’t exactly follow daddy’s footsteps. The Cut has it Read more
  5. Twitter Invests US$70 Million In SoundCloud – A key player just bought a piece of the beleaguered music streaming company, but with Twitter slowly being edged out by newer platforms like Snapchat, is this a case of two ageing giants commiserating? DJ Mag has it Read more
  6. Paul Van Dyk’s Road To Recovery – Check out how the godfather of trance has been fighting his way back to the stage after a deadly fall earlier this year. Billboard has it Read more
  7. Dance Scenes & The Shoes Associated With Them – Here’s what your choice of footwear says about your musical taste. Mixmag has it Read more

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