Kickstarter: Basslet, A Subwoofer On Your Wrist

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
Basslet Kickstarter Pro Subwoofer wearable bass bins
Last updated 10 April, 2018


A new wearable subwoofer called Basslet just launched its Kickstarter campaign.

An intriguing Kickstarter campaign called Basslet just launched: it’s a subwoofer that you wear like a watch, and it mimics the “thumping” sensation you feel when you’re stood next to a bass bin, albeit on your wrist. When you listen to music, it vibrates to transmit low-end frequencies, making your body think it’s experiencing bass as you listen (kind of like how one second of a movie, which consists of 24 pictures appearing sequentially, fools your eyes into think the image is moving).

It provides more than six hours of use on a single charge and has a very low-latency wireless connection: you just connect the supplied dongle to the headphone output jack of your phone, controller, or other audio source, and it transmits to the Basslet on your wrist

Wearable bass bins aren’t new – we just reviewed the SubPac M2, which is a backpack-style subwoofer – but they’ve yet to catch on with DJs. The Basslet is the smallest of the bunch though, and we’re curious as to how solid the feeling is overall when it’s just pumping low-end to something as localised as your wrist. Can it noticeably enhance your listening experience, or will it be underwhelming? We’ll let you know our verdict soon as we get one on our wrists, but for now check out the Basslet Kickstarter page.

• Basslet is now live on Kickstarter and you can get one for $159 or €139. Limited early bird prices start at $109 or €99. Check the Basslet page for more details.

What are your thoughts on this wearable device? Is it something cool to have, or wholly unnecessary? Let us know below.

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