[DJ Expo 2016] Numark PT01 Scratch Portable Turntable

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Last updated 5 April, 2018


Numark just unveiled its brand new PT01 Scratch portable turntable here at DJ Expo 2016.
Numark just unveiled its brand new PT01 Scratch portable turntable at DJ Expo 2016.

Numark just announced its new PT01 Scratch portable turntable  at DJ Expo 2016. Aimed squarely at portable turntablists, or “portablists”, the Numark PT01 Scratch is a compact turntable with a Scratch Switch, which is a scratch effects switch that looks like a crossfader. It runs on batteries and comes with a speaker onboard for on the go scratching, along with a headphone jack and a pair of RCA outputs for connecting to other equipment. It’s housed in its own carrying case for safe transport, and even comes with a USB output for ripping vinyl to your laptop.

The PT01 Scratch continues Numark’s long-running PT01 series of portable record players, which you’ll find in many portablism videos. For the uninitiated, portablism is a form of turntablism where DJs use portable turntables to scratch with 7″ vinyl records. It’s a trend that’s growing a cult following, with both the Vestax Handi Trax and Numark PT01 being the decks of choice for this niche. Usually, these turntables are paired with a portable crossfader like the Raiden Fader or Frisk Fader, and the Numark PT01 Scratch seeks to do away with that by providing its Scratch Switch on the unit itself.

Check the promo video and photo gallery below.

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• The Numark PT01 Scratch will be available from Summer 2016 for US$129. Check the Numark website for more details.

What do you think of this turntable? Have you tried portablism yet? Do you think it’ll catch on, or is it just a fad that’ll die down eventually? Share your thoughts with us below.

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