Get A Slice Of The Action With This DJ Controller Pizza Box

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
dj controller pizza hut
Last updated 17 August, 2016


Will you be earning your dough spinning on a DJ controller built into a pizza box sometimes soon? As gimmicks go, we can’t see anyone topping this one any time soon…

In a move virtually guaranteed to upset the purists, Pizza Hut has announced a limited edition DJ controller built into a pizza box. It syncs via Bluetooth to your laptop or smartphone and works with DJ software including Serato, letting you control two decks and a mixer by simply touching the cardboard controls printed on the box itself.

Unfortunately they don’t guarantee you’ll be delivering great DJ sets within 30 minutes or your money back, and frankly we don’t think you’ll be earning your crust any time soon DJing using this particular model. But the takeaway for pizza-loving DJs is that – as long as you live in the UK – you’ll be able to get your hands on one very soon.

Smoking hot or half baked? We’ll let you know as soon as our review sample arrives, but we do have one early criticism: We can’t see anywhere to plug in your garlic breadphones.

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