Friday Roundup: The Top 100 Disco Records Of All Time

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Friday roundup
Last updated 23 September, 2016


Top 100 disco
Top 100 disco

We’ve got the top 100 disco tunes of all time, the first pop song composed by artificial intelligence, Kaskade hitting back at rave drug allegations, and a piece on why most festival DJ sets (allegedly) suck. It’s all in your Friday Roundup of music and DJing stories from around the web this week. Have a good one!

  1. The 100 Greatest Disco 12″s Of All Time – Disco was the father of house music, and so much still sounds compelling today. The Vinyl Factory has the round-up Read more
  2. Listen To The First Pop Song Composed By Artificial Intelligence – Sounds like ELO meets the Beatles to me, I don’t think Calvin Harris need worry just yet. Via Stoney Roads Read more
  3. Kaskade hits back at rave backlash – In the month London’s Fabric was closed with illegal drug use cited, Kaskade hits out at similar rumblings stateside Read more
  4. 16 DJs Who Can Actually Scratch – As we’re busy bringing you our free scratch training all this week, here’s a nice summary of some of the true greats. Complex has it Read more
  5. Asking For A Friend: Are DJs Faking It? – Adam Rich from Scratch Academy gamely answers a pile of ultra-beginner questions about the art of DJing. Via Newsy Read more
  6. How To Use Ableton Link With Serato – You don’t even need to own Ableton, you can use it to sync the laptops of two DJs playing with Serato… Read more
  7. Why Do Most Festival DJ Sets Suck? – Magnetic Mag state the bleedin’ obvious in this op-ed about the dearth of big-event quality Read more

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