Friday Roundup: Why Your Headphones May Soon Be Useless

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 4 August, 2017


Is this the beginning of the end for the ageing 1/8″ plug? Find out in this week’s Friday Roundup, among other pieces we’ve curated for your weekend reading.

In this week’s Friday Roundup, we’ve got a feature that takes a long, hard look at the 1/8″ headphone jack, and what personal music listening could be like moving past it. We’ve also got a piece on why UK club Fabric is so influential, a SoundCloud slip up that’s ticking off some users, and a rundown of the best fashion show DJ collaborations. All these and more in our weekly roundup of DJ news.

  1. So, About Losing The iPhone Headphone Jack – Apple did away with the headphone socket in its new iPhone 7 models. Is this a sign of things to come? Pitchfork explores Read more
  2. Fabric: A Nightclub That Thrived By Taking Dance Music Seriously – Fabric was just permanently shuttered by the UK government. Find out why it was so important to English clubbing in this feature by The Guardian Read more
  3. The Roland 909 Drum Machine In Depth – Read up on the history and legacy of the Roland TR-909 drum machine in this piece by the Red Bull Music Academy Read more
  4. SoundCloud Leaked Private Tracks By Accident – Someone over at SoundCloud HQ messed up and set the private tracks of some users public. DJ Mag has it Read more
  5. The Making Of The Technics SL-1200 – Watch how the new Technics SL-1200 turntable is put together in this piece by DJ Worx Read more
  6. Top 10 DJ-Fuelled Fashion Shows – Music adds an intangible emotional component to the runway. Check out these choice ramp shows picked by Mixmag Read more
  7. How To Make A DJ Content Marketing Strategy – Some tips by Music Think Tank on creating engaging material for your fans Read more
  8. You Can Now DJ In An Uber – Need a lift? Drop your favourite tunes using Spotify and Pandora on your next Uber ride. C|Net has it Read more

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