Friday Roundup: Check Out The Amazing Levitating Turntable

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Friday roundup
Last updated 14 October, 2016


Soooo.... what's going on here then? Find out all about this levitating turntable in our Friday Roundup today.
Soooo…. what’s going on here then? Find out asll about this levitating turntable in our Friday Roundup today.

I’ve been in London recording an episode of The Lab Show for Pioneer DJ Radio today (I’ll let you know about that next week), but that hasn’t stopped me rounding up a list of articles we’ve been enjoying here at Digital DJ Tips this last week – from seat 1C on the flight back to Gibraltar…

  1. Check Out This Futuristic Levitating Turntable – It’s clearly gonna be no good for DJing on, but you have to admit this turntable, covered on Vice, is pretty mind-blowing… Read more
  2. The Secret To Longevity In The Music Business – Nobody said it was gonna be easy! But those who’ve done it know how to have a long and fun career, and share it here – via Frisky Radio Read more
  3. Music Streaming Reaches A Tipping Point – As reported by Hypebot. The relevance for DJs is that it is coming to our software and systems too, so it’s important to be ready for it Read more
  4. The History Of The Laser In Dance Music – Reach for the lasers… I still remember when a club I ran for 10 years bought its first one, back in 1998 or something. Thump has it Read more
  5. How To Send Demos To Record Labels – DJTechTools offers advice on getting your home-penned tracks heard Read more
  6. Richie Hawtin Demos How He Uses The Model 1 – It’s the mixer that was on everyone’s lips at Musikmesse – now the man behind it shows how he uses it. Via DJWorx Read more

Have a great weekend!

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