Friday Roundup: “Why All Modern Music Is Sh**”

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Friday roundup
Last updated 4 November, 2016


Is the music industry forcing us all to eat burgers instead of steak? So says the first piece in our Friday Roundup this week…

Thinking all music is sounding the same nowadays? It might – just might – not be due to your getting older. Whether you agree or not, the first piece we link to in today’s Friday Roundup – via a link posted by veteran electronic producer A Guy Called Gerald – is certainly food for thought…

  1. The Truth About Popular Music – One YouTube shock jock lets it all out in this rant about what he thinks has gone wrong in the charts. Warning: Some strong language Watch video
  2. What We’ve Lost In The Age Of Streaming Music – Incredibly, the writer of this piece is nostalgic not for vinyl or CDs, but the early days of digital music… from Hypebot Read more
  3. The 15 Most Incredible Space Age Record Players – Elon Musk has nothing on this little lot of inventions… extra terrestrial turntables, anyone? From Vinyl Factory Read more
  4. Martin Garrix & Carl Cox To Star in New Dance Music Documentary – Strange bedfellows indeed, but apparent it’s true. From Thump Read more
  5. Want To Stick With MacBook? Better Get Used to USB-C – DJ TechTools looks at the options for DJs wanting to use the latest MacBooks that only have USB-C connectors Read more
  6. 6 Simple Tips For Promoting Your Event Offline – It’s not all about online, y’know. If you’re promoting your own club night, take heed… Hyebot reports Read more

That’s all from us for another week, have a great weekend folks!

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