Friday Roundup: Will EDM Survive Another Year?

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
EDM death Friday roundup
Last updated 27 December, 2016


Peace, love, unity and respect… but for how long? One publication has called time on EDM…

Welcome to our last “full” Friday Roundup of 2016 (we’re taking a couple of weeks off from bringing you the latest news from around the DJ web, as everyone is publishing “best of 2016” posts, so there’s precious little “real” news to share). But we’ve nonetheless found you some good bits from this last seven days…

  1. Is EDM Over? A Few Reasons Why Mainstream EDM Is On The Way Out – Will you be asked for and playing EDM this time next year? Crossfadr thinks the answer may well be no… Read more
  2. A New EDM Eatery In San Francisco Will Drop Beats And Bubble Tea – Looks like nobody told this lot, who – Thump reports – want to open a cafe based on PLUR. Wonder how long it’ll last? Read more
  3. Features That Should Be Standard On CDJs/Media Players In 2017 – DJTechTools takes a stab at predicting the features that may arrive on DJ gear over the next 12 months Read more
  4. Watch A Retrospective Documentary On The Roland TR-808 – It was the drum machine that changed everything. You should find out why, says Mixmag Read more
  5. Listen To Radio Stations All Over The World – This is an awesome app called Radio Garden, that lets you “tunes in” seamlessly via a world map Listen here

So see you for our next “full” Friday Roundup in January, and meanwhile, have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Let us know your thoughts on these or any other stories from around the DJing and music web in the comments below…

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