Friday Roundup: Carl Cox Rails Against DJs Who Play Safe

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Friday roundup
Last updated 24 February, 2017


Carl Cox says it’s just too easy to play the Beatport Top 20, and DJs should do better… Pic: Mixmag

In this week’s Friday Roundup of the best bits from around the web, Carl Cox rails against DJs who play safe, ways to make music on your lunch break, and some of the absolute pioneers of house music celebrated. It’s all below…

  1. Carl Cox: “Playing The Beatport Top 20 Records Is Too Easy” – The stalwart rails against DJs who don’t develop their own sound or take risks, via In the Mix Read more
  2. Making Music On Your Phone – Fad or Serious? – Magnetic Magazine looks at how good the output really is from this portable way of making tunes… Read more
  3. …OK, How About Making Music On Your Lunch Break? Fact Magazine wades in with 10 browser instruments for lunch hour jamming Read more
  4. MixBox2 Offers A New Way To Record Your Sets – DJ Mag reports on this improved version of MixBox, a cool way of quickly recording and sharing DJ sets Read more
  5. How Spotify Nails Your Discover Weekly Playlist – How a computer can – at least for some – seem to pick the perfect weekly playlist. From Pedestrian Read more
  6. Celebrating Black History: Pioneers Of House Music – Mixmag takes a look back to the days of some of the scene’s movers and shakers Read more

Have a great weekend whatever you’re up to, and we’ll see you on the other side! 🙂

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