Friday Roundup: SoundCloud Will Now Pay For Your DJ Mixes!

Steve Canueto | Read time: < 1 min
Friday roundup
Last updated 17 March, 2017


From takedowns to payouts: Find out how you can now make money from mixes uploaded to SoundCloud. Pic: Hip Hop Push

In yet another bizarre twist in the old “should I / shouldn’t I upload my mixes to SoundCloud?” conundrum, news comes this week of a way DJs can get paid for uploading their mixes to the service. It’s the first of our stories from around the web in this week’s Friday Roundup…

  1. DJs Can Now Make Money Off Their SoundCloud Mixes – Thump has the story of how SoundCloud is prepared to revenue-share with DJs on its service Read more
  2. Claim Your Free Music Production Training – Our very own Joey Santos and Phil Morse are behind the free Dance Music Formula training course, “coming soon” Read more
  3. “If You’re Not Online, You’re Not Trying Hard Enough…” – Mixmag on why it’s not enough to make mixes and music, you also have to market yourself Read more
  4. “…Just Let The Music Do The Talking” – Mixmag then also offers the other side of the argument, that good music will always find an audience Read more
  5. The Art of Listening – A deep look on video of exactly what happens between instrument and ear. Vinyl Factory has it Watch video
  6. How To Live Stream A DJ Set – Mojaxx over on DJCity shows you how to broadcast from your bedroom Watch video
  7. The Five Best Headphones Under £200 – Our pal Mick Wilson over at DJ Mag rounds up his favourites Read more

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