Friday Roundup: A Short Film About The Art Of DJing

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 14 April, 2017


Roger Sanchez and several other DJ legends share their thoughts on some of the most important aspects of DJing properly.

“DJing is about creating a journey; it’s about telling a story. And to do that you need time.” – Roger Sanchez commenting on what, in his view, is the essence of what DJs do (and why they need long sets to do it). Watch the film this came from: It’s the first story in this week’s Friday Roundup.

  1. Odyssey – A Short Film About The Art Of DJing – Great 20 minute watch from the Toolroom Records crew about what DJing is really about, according to the veterans they spoke to Watch video
  2. How Your Favourite Label Came Into Existence – You may be surprised by the history behind some of the record labels you love. Via Mixmag Read more
  3. 5 Reasons To Consider Getting A Music Degree – We say making music and DJing teaches you to make music and DJ. So you must be doing it! But it doesn’t hurt to do the learning, too… Via Hypebot Read more
  4. History Of Rave In Dance Music Documentaries – Got a lot of time to kill? There is video after video after video here for you to feast on… via Mixmag Read more
  5. This 82-Year-Old Dumpling Maker Is Now a Professional DJ – It’s never too late to start, as the New York Post found out in this video, reported by DJ City Read more
  6. A Look At Just How Fast Streaming Music Is Growing – For the first time last year, the record labels made more money from streaming than from the sales of digital downloads and physical good combined. Via Hypebot Read more
  7. Ultimate, Ultimate – That’s the name of this mockumentary about “amateur DJs”. See what you think of the first episode. Via Funny or Die Watch video

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