Over To You: Can I Jam With Another DJ Halfway Around The World?

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 25 March, 2018


Our reader wants to jam with a friend… except he’s in France, and his friend is in Japan. Can technology cope? Find out today…

Digital DJ Tips member Flavien Robert writes: “I’m looking to do a back-to-back live stream with a friend (my DJ mentor, actually), except he’s in Japan and I’m in France. Would you know of any application allowing us to do that? I found lots of stuff on live streaming, but nothing for several DJs in different locations. Any advice?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Interesting question Flavien! The issue is going to be latency. I wonder, for instance, with 300mbps up/300mbps down fibre internet in both locations, it might be possible (that’s the fastest internet we can get here)? That said, I am not sure of any software geared up for this.

We use GoToWebinar for the webinars in our courses to get hundreds of people “in the room” at the same time, and we can have multiple organisers in different places all feeding audio into the webinar, but there is definitely latency there.

I am going to throw this one over to the audience, to see if anyone has any ideas…

So, have you ever had a remote DJ jam session? Do you even think this is possible? Please feel free to join the dicussion and help Flavien out below.

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