Friday Roundup: Show Some Love For The Pub DJ!

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Friday roundup
Last updated 4 August, 2017


Friday Roundup
The next big thing from your town could just be that guy spinning during happy hour. We lift up pub DJs in this week’s Friday Roundup, among other pieces.

In this week’s Friday Roundup, we’re leading with a piece that celebrates the jocks that rarely, if ever, get talked about: Pub DJs. We’ve also got an article on why light and sound technicians are crucial to a great club night, and a piece that debates whether “trainspotting” DJ tracks is good or bad. These and more in our weekly roundup of DJ news.

  1. The Underrated Art Of The Pub DJ – Small pubs may be less glamorous than a superclub, but that doesn’t mean DJing pubs and bars is unimportant: they’re crucial breeding grounds for the next wave of talent. Mixmag celebrates the pub jock Read more
  2. Tales From The Tech Booth – Club light and sound technicians are the unsung backstage heroes of every party, day in and day out. Thump shines a light on them Read more
  3. Richie Hawtin Takes His Studio To The Stage – The forward-thinking producer opens up about his new live performance layout that allows audiences to see how he performs. Inthemix has it Read more
  4. DJs Are Music Archaeologists – Check out this TEDx talk on crate digging and uncover its deep cultural impact on modern music. It’s over at The Vinyl Factory Watch It
  5. Trainspotting A DJ’s Tracks: Lazy Or Legit? – Is “Shazaming” tunes or looking over another DJ’s shoulder for track names akin to stealing his or her tracks? DJ Techtools explores Read more
  6. DJs: Why So Serious? – This Instagram account reimagines your favourite DJs showing their pearly whites. DJ Mag has it Read more
  7. President Putin Plays The Piano – Guess what his favourite trance track is? Watch it

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