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Review of: Traxsource

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On June 6, 2017
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The new Traxsource website design looks great, with some new, useful features added. It’s always tricky to upgrade a successful website and judging by the positive comments from the DJ community, Traxsource has played a blinder here.

Traxsource recently gave its website an overhaul. In today’s review, we will take a look at the site’s new features and layout.

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Traxsource is one of the leading online music stores for DJs. It holds its lofty position primarily because the site has always focused on quality underground house music. The company run by DJs, for DJs, has launched a rebranded version of its website with improved functionality and brand new features including Dropbox integration and a more responsive design.

The site now has one uniform design for all devices, so you can easily navigate the deepest features of the site on your laptop, phone (iOS and Android) or tablet.

The extra real estate afforded to the DJ charts section on the landing page allows you to easily keep track of your favourite artist’s top picks.

What’s immediately apparent is a bolder, more in your face modern feel. A heavily requested update by users was the extra real estate dedicated to the “DJ Charts”, on the landing page. You’ll now find these front and centre, allowing you to listen to your favourite artists’ top-rated selections in seconds. Aesthetically it looks great, but let’s now take a look under the bonnet and check out the site’s major new features…

Dropbox integration has been added to the “Downloads” section of the site, allowing you to manage your purchases easily, wherever you are, on any device.

The new site retains the heart and soul of Traxsource and the website is now much more responsive and easier to navigate. The site’s most impressive upgrade is the way Dropbox has been integrated into the downloads process. This makes managing music on multiple devices simple and seamless. All you need to do is click the “Send to Dropbox” button in your downloads folder to make purchases from any device automatically appear on your local machine. So wherever you are, you can get your hands on any tunes you need at the click of a button.

The new site also comes with a nice user interface makeover for “My Traxsource” which provides improved access to Artists, Labels and Charts.


The new Traxsource comes complete with a superb UI makeover for “My Traxsource” which provides improved access to Artists, Labels and Charts. Plus, there will be further enhancements to this area over the coming months.
The new Traxsource includes a makeover for “My Traxsource” which provides improved access to artists, labels and charts.

Overall, the site revamp looks great and has given users what they have been asking for, with further enhancements to the site promised over the coming months. It’s always tricky to upgrade a successful website; will people be annoyed with the new layout and ditch the site, or will it be welcomed with open arms?

Judging by the overall look and the positive comments from the DJ community, Traxsource looks to have done a good job here.

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