Friday Five: 7 Music Industry Facts You Need To Know

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Friday Five
Last updated 22 September, 2017


In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from Digital Music News that lists some surprising consumption habits in 2017, which will be of particular interest to budding DJ/producers battling to get their work out there. We’ve also got pieces from The Guardian, Pitchfork, Magnetic Magazine, and Hypebot. Have a good weekend ahead!

  1. 7 Startling Music Industry Facts – You may be surprised to know that the most listened-to streaming platform isn’t actually a music streaming site, and that streaming music is also the number one way to download music. Say what? Find out what all this means in this piece by Digital Music News Read more
  2. Why Dance Music Is Slowing Down – In case you haven’t noticed, this past summer’s biggest dance hits aren’t 130BPM belters. Instead, they’re of a slower tempo packing a more chilled vibe. What caused this shift? Find out in this piece by The Guardian Read more
  3. Can Music Heal Trauma? – This article from Pitchfork delves into how music and sound can be used for therapeutic purposes, as the burgeoning field of music therapy continues to gain ground in contemporary psychological treatment Read more
  4. Laidback Luke On Evolving As A DJ – Laidback Luke chats with the folks at Magnetic Magazine on how electronic dance music and DJing continue to change in a post-EDM / hip-hop dominated landscape. He also talks about his daily routine and how he stays prolific despite having children and other obligations Read more
  5. Top Advice From 100 Female Music Entrepreneurs – Get inspired by these quotes from personalities in the music business ranging from artists and performers to indie label managers and CEOs. Hypebot has the full list Read more

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