Friday Five: What It Means To Be A DJ/Producer Today

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday Five
Last updated 11 September, 2017


In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from Dancing Astronaut that looks at what being a DJ/producer means, and why music producers today are quite different compared to even the most famous producers of the 20th century. We’ve also got pieces from Rolling Stone, Indy100, Gizmodo, and Crossfadr. Have a safe weekend, folks!

  1. What It Means To Be A DJ/Producer Today – The modern-day producer has taken a commanding role in electronic music, with the most successful attaining celebrity status. In the old days, producers were holed up in the studio helping artists make hits, but now they are the artists playing their own hits. What caused this shift? Dancing Astronaut chats with Grammy-nominees Galantis and ghost producer Maarten Vorwerk to find out Read more
  2. Get Goosebumps? Your Brain Might Be Special – If you’ve ever felt the hair on your arms or neck stand after hearing a tune, your brain may actually be structured differently, according to this article by Indy100. This allows you to have those strong emotional and physical reactions whenever a song plays Read more
  3. DropMix Is A Hybrid iOS Board Game For DJs – This may just be the perfect party game to play the next time you’ve got a couple of your DJ friends over. DropMix is a board game that uses special RFID-equipped playing cards to communicate with the DropMix app running on an iOS device. Players take turns stacking cards onto the board to create mashups, and music loops are triggered in the DropMix app wirelessly via Bluetooth. Gizmodo has it Read more
  4. How Long Will Vinyl’s Resurgence Last? – You’ve most likely seen, heard, and even felt vinyl’s recent surge in popularity. New, cheap turntables are being sold, artists are putting out records with download codes and Spotify links, and there are lots of DJs now spinning vinyl LPs and 45s. Is vinyl here to stay, or is this all just hipsters being trendy? Crossfadr explores Read more
  5. Avicii Opens Up About Quitting Music – This interview with Avicii highlights the mental and physical hardships of touring incessantly. At one point, the EDM superstar was one of the busiest DJs in the world until his mental and physical health began to suffer. Rolling Stone has it Read more

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