American Audio Announces STK-106W Array Speaker System

Last updated 24 March, 2018


American Audio has released the STK-106W active portable array system. The system combines a 10″ woofer with a six-piece 2″ driver array and comes with a 750-watt amplifier (500+250W) built-in.

It has an onboard mixer, which provides two mic inputs with reverb, two stereo line inputs, and wireless connectivity. This not only allows you to link the system to your media devices for easy control but also allows you to link two STK-106Ws together to create a stereo sound system. You can also link your media devices for remote playback.

An “array system” such as this, where the speaker drivers are arranged vertically, allows you to have a powerful yet compact sound system that’s easier to take around than traditional loudspeakers. Usually, these systems are expensive and we think that a price tag of just under US$500 will appeal to wedding and mobile DJs looking to upgrade their performance arsenal. Of course, we’ll reserve judgement until such time as we get a chance to review these.

• The American Audio STK-106W is now available and costs US$499. Find out more on the American Audio website.

Are you in the market for a new array system? Is the STK-106W something you would consider buying? Which one do you currently use? Let us know in the comments below…

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