First Look: Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 Sampler & Sequencer

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
BPM | PRO 2017 DJS-1000 Pioneer DJ Pro
Last updated 25 March, 2018


Recently announced and on show for the first time here at the BPM | PRO Show 2017, the Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 sampler packs 16 performance pads and a step sequencer into a DJ-friendly unit that’s not only the same size as a standard DJ media player, but comes with sync, tempo fader, play/pause and the ability to link up with standard CDJs to offer a third (or fourth) deck for samples and sequencing.

It is designed to appeal to DJs who want to add some of their own sounds and loops to a DJ set but want to be able to do so fast, on the fly, and in a live environment. For instance, you can sample directly from the decks while DJing, and you can also plug in your own USB filled with sounds and play them instantly, so it’s easy to roll up at a venue that has one of these with just a USB and perform that way without added preparation.

Video Talkthrough

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