Friday Five: 50 Questions Brides Ask Wedding DJs

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday Five
Last updated 13 October, 2017


In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from Brides that lists 50 questions wedding DJs often get asked by potential clients. We’ve also got articles from The Verge, Complex, The Guardian, and Mobile Beat. Have a fantastic weekend ahead!

  1. 50 Questions Brides Always Ask Wedding DJs – Don’t get caught flatfooted: make sure you know the answers to these common questions that brides (and grooms) ask when looking for a DJ (pro tip – make a “FAQ” out of some of these questions and post them on your DJ site). Check out the list at Brides Magazine Read more
  2. 10 Headphone Test Tracks – If you’re auditioning a new pair of headphones or you’d like to put your DJ cans to task, check out this list by The Verge. It’s an eclectic mix of tunes to listen to when you want to test the limits of your headphones, and the article points out what to listen for Read more
  3. Where Is The Musical Underground In 2017? – The internet has changed what being a “mainstream artist” means. TV and radio aren’t the superstar-making behemoths they once were, having been overthrown by YouTube and music streaming sites as kingmakers. Since even osbscure artists can become “cover” stars overnight with millions of views, listens, and followers, what does it mean to be “underground” today? The Guardian explores Read more
  4. Black Coffee Interviewed – The South African deck whiz gets cozy with Complex as he talks about life as an in-demand headlining DJ and what it’s like to represent his country that he loves deeply Read more
  5. How Important Is Your Gear To Your Client? – Mobile DJs know that decent equipment gets the job done and leaves an impression on clients, but how big of an impression? Do they base decisions solely on the gear that you’re providing? It’s over at Mobile Beat Read more

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