Friday Five: How Brands “Bought Out” The Underground

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday Five
Last updated 20 October, 2017


In this week’s Friday Five, we lead with a piece from The Guardian that takes a look at how big brands have been cosying up to underground artists, DJs and collectives. We’ve also got pieces by DJ Sounds, Help Musicians UK, and Mixmag. Have a good weekend!

  1. How Brands “Bought Out” The Underground – It’s become acceptable (even fashionable) for big corporations to support artists. Brands like Red Bull host the biggest DJ competition in the world, for example, and it isn’t uncommon for clothing brands to have DJ endorsers (eg Calvin Harris for Calvin Klein). This would’ve been known as “selling out” just a few decades back – so why is it now a good thing? The Guardian explores Read more
  2. Why We DJ – Check out this 40-minute documentary that interviews dance music’s current crop of house and techno stalwarts as they talk about the difficulties of life on the road. This isn’t just “DJs complaining” about the good life, as found in the tweets of the now-famous Twitter account. They are, in fact, harsh realities Watch it
  3. Can Music Make You Sick? – This study commissioned by Help Musicians UK suggests that musicians are up to three times more likely to suffer from depression than someone who isn’t. That’s a startling figure, and one that is a cause for concern for any DJ. Read on for the full study Read more
  4. This Berlin Club Has Banned CDJs And Turntables – You’ve heard of clubs banning DJ controllers and laptops, but have you heard about turntables and CDJs getting banned? Liquid Sky Berlin has put its foot down, prohibiting the use of CDJs and turntables, instead allowing DJs and producers to use any other type of music-making gear. It’s over at Mixmag Read more
  5. Do All DJs Need To Mix Well? – This jock says that a proper DJ is someone who “selects well and mixes well”, putting both music and mixing at equal level. We think music is more important than technical skills, but do read on for more of his thoughts on this over at Mixmag Read more

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