Friday Five: Performing Dance Music Live: KiNK Reveals His Secrets

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Friday Five
Last updated 24 November, 2017


In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from Electronic Beats where producer extraordinaire KiNK explains how he goes about creating an enthralling live set. We’ve also got pieces from Mixmag, The Guardian, and Independent. Have a good weekend ahead!

  1. How KiNK Executes An Unforgettable Live Set – This feature by Electronic Beats digs deeper into electronic maestro KiNK’s workflow and mindset when it comes to improvising and performing dance music. He also shares his philosophy when it comes to programming a set on-the-fly, as well as other live performers he looks up to Read more
  2. The Evolution Of The Turntable – Mixmag traces the origins and developmental milestones of the turntable, from its humble beginnings at the end of the 19th century to today’s multimedia playback devices Read more
  3. Meet The Inventors Making New Instruments – Even though there hasn’t been a significant new musical instrument since the electric guitar, people continue to create both physical and virtual instruments for use in contemporary music. The Guardian checks in with a handful of makers in this piece Read more
  4. Science Can Change Your Taste In Music – Can’t stand hearing Despacito? Electromagnetic pulses zapping your brain are enough to change your music taste, according to scientists who performed the experiment, and they could also change how much you’re willing to spend for tunes. Independent has it Read more
  5. Why Do We Keep Blasting Music To Outer Space? – From Chuck Berry’s Johnny B Goode record aboard the Voyager spacecraft to’s Reach For The Stars beamed from the Curiosity vehicle, The Guardian presents a brief history of music we’ve been sending into outer space Read more

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