Ableton Live 10 Is Here

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Last updated 6 February, 2018



Ableton just announced the launch of Live 10, the latest update to the popular digital audio workstation. Live 10 brings a flatter graphic interface for a crisper look, a brand new Wavetable synth, and Echo, Drum Buss, and Pedal effect plugins. Workflow improvements abound, including Midi and audio clip editing features and an improved browser for swift navigation. Composition also gets a boost via the new Capture feature, which lets you “recall” a melody that you’ve just played even if you didn’t hit the Record button – Live simply brings those notes back onscreen, and it can also adjust their timing for you.

Push 2 also gets a new melodic step sequencer mode that lets you add beats and play melodies from a single pad layout, along with new screen display visualisations that help you look at your laptop’s screen less while performing.

We’ve been excited for this update ever since photos of it surfaced last November 2017 in the lead-up to Ableton’s Loop Summit in Berlin. It won’t be a gamechanging update – not all Live 9 users will find it necessary to update right this very second – but we’re keen on using the new Capture mode because “jamming” a lead melody is one of our favourite ways of coming up with a memorable lick or passage whenever we produce tunes. The new Wavetable synth also looks like an interesting addition, especially for those who like designing unique sounds. Watch out for our review of Live 10 soon.

If you’re a Dance Music Formula student or thinking of joining the course (on sale right now!), you’ll be pleased to know that your learnings in the course will be applicable to both Live 9 and Live 10.

Want to get started making your own tunes in Ableton today? Check out our Dance Music Formula online course, currently open for registration. Watch the full presentation here.

• Ableton Live 10 is now available. Check the Ableton site for more details.

What are your thoughts on this new Live update? What’s your favourite new feature? Let us know below.

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