DJ Skill Sessions #3: Rekordbox DJ & DDJ-RR Routine From Carlo Atendido

Last updated 3 April, 2018


Here’s our exclusive DJ Skill Sessions #3 routine for you to check out, from DJ Carlo Atendido, using the Pioneer DJ DDJ-RR and Rekordbox DJ.

Look out for the clever use of scratching “1, 2, 3, 4” half-way through: This is not massively hard to do and if you want to practise one trick from here to do in your DJing, we suggest having a go at this one!

As ever, it’s fully annotated so you can quickly work out what’s going on – thanks to Carlo for turning in another great one for us.

Like it? Gonna spend some time having a go yourself? Got any questions about this mix? Use below to share your thoughts.

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