DJ Skill Sessions #1: Rekordbox DJ & DDJ-RR Routine From Carlo Atendido

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
Club/Festival DJing DJ Carlo Atendido DJ Skill Sessions Pro
Last updated 28 March, 2018


Here’s our first exclusive DJ Skill Sessions routine for you to check out, from DJ Carlo Atendido, using the Pioneer DJ DDJ-RR and Rekordbox DJ.

The purpose of this new demos and routines series is to help you realise how much is possible on modern and relatively cheap DJ gear – you don’t need to own a pro set-up, and with a bit of practise, your results can be every bit as good as those achieved on much more expensive equipment.

As ever, it’s fully annotated so you can quickly work out what’s going on – thanks to Carlo for turning in another great one for us.

Like it? Gonna spend some time having a go yourself? Got any questions about this mix? Use below to share your thoughts.

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