Friday Five: Why DJs Maybe Shouldn’t Give Up The Day Job…

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday Five
Last updated 2 March, 2018


In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from XLR8R that goes in-depth about the advantages and disadvantages of being either a full-time or a part-time DJ/producer. We’ve also got articles from The Guardian, Faber Social, NewStatesman and NPR. Have a fantastic weekend ahead!

  1. Why DJs Maybe Shouldn’t Give Up The Day Job – Jeff Derringer is a DJ/producer who dreamed of being a full-time artist but was diagnosed with cancer back in 2004, thus tying him to a day job for financial support. He thought his dreams were ruined, until he realised he could be prolific and successful while still working a nine-to-five. Read his story at XLR8R Read more
  2. The Many Hats DJ/Producer Moby Wears – Music producer, DJ and proto-vegan Moby chats with The Guardian about his experiences as a touring artist, the people he met on the road during shows, and what humanity’s future holds. The Guardian has it Read more
  3. The Secret DJ Is The Anonymous Tell-All Book You Need – Check out this hilarious excerpt from the upcoming book The Secret DJ which contains real-life stories of over-the-top hedonism experienced first hand by a famous superstar globe-trotting DJ who (unsurprisingly) wishes to remain anonymous. It’s over at Faber Social Read more
  4. Is The Internet Actually Good For Music? – Sure it’s got so much easier to discover and listen to new artists, and even to dig up old ones who were seemingly lost in the past. The internet and music streaming puts everything at the tip of our fingers – but is this really a good thing? This piece by NewStatesman explores Read more
  5. How Women Are Changing The Face Of Engineering And Producing – Music production and sound engineering were male-dominated industries in the 20th century. That’s beginning to change these days, thanks to more women getting into the art and science of recording, producing and engineering sound. This piece by NPR breaks it down Read more

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