Got The Numark DJ2GO2? Take A Look At This….

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Last updated 24 March, 2018


The amazing, tiny Numark DJ2GO2 has taken the DJ world by storm – and it’s not only beginners buying it. Many seasoned pros are grabbing this $79 controller to use as a backup to their main rig.

For us, though, the most exciting thing about this device is that it is THE perfect way to get started in DJing. All you need is this little controller, plus someone to show you how to get started with it, and you’re up and running!

That’s why we’ve just launched an “intro” course to help people get going on the DJ2GO2. Called “How To DJ On The Numark DJ2GO2”, this accessible, great value course is designed to help complete beginners to get off on the right foot.

So if that sounds like you, click here and take a look! (And if it isn’t you, but you know someone else who may want to take their first steps in DJing with this unit, please do them a favour and pass this on!)

What to do now

To find out more about How To DJ On The Numark DJ2GO2, click the link below to go to the course info page:

Yes! Tell me more about the special “intro” course to the Numark DJ2GO2

Do you love this little controller too? Have you bought one? what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments…

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