DJ Skill Session #5: Camila Cabello + More [Pioneer DDJ-RR + Rekordbox DJ]

Last updated 14 April, 2018


Want some mixing inspiration? Carlo Atendido has turned in another typically high octane DJ Skill Sessions mix for us this week, that you can copy on pretty much any controller/software combo. Starting with a mix of Camila Cabello (you’ll notice he uses a lot of remixes – DJ download pools are a good place to get these), he crams a lot into this routine.

Here are a few skills and tricks to look out for:

  • Brake effect plus Slip mode – by engaging Slip mode and using a brake effect, Carlo produces the “vinyl stopping” sound without losing his place in the track when he hits “play” again
  • Keymixing – Especially the first mix, the fact that the tracks are in a compatible key (the same key, actually) means they sound great together, which serves Carlo well for the next learning point…
  • Dropping in a vocal snippet – He takes a tiny snippet of Camila Cabello’s vocal from a loop and drops it in several times, which smooths the mix between the first two tracks
  • Turning a tiny, “non-musical” loop into a feature – When you repeatedly press the “loop half” button on a loop, you get the classic “loop roll” effect, but eventually it starts to sound unmusical. Carlo deliberately does this later on in the mix, to give a sound that is more like a mobile phone interfering with your PA system than something nice! But by adding a bit of echo, dropping the sound in intermittently, and “spinning” back to add a high-pitched variant, he turns it into a live EDM instrument that works well in the mix

Remember, even an award-winning DJ like Carlo needs to practise these routines hard, so give yourself time to learn a trick or two from here.

Also remember that in a typical DJ set you won’t be cramming all this stuff into three minute; if you can master a trick or two each week from our technique videos and sprinkle your DJ sets with a few of them, you’ll be making real progress.

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