Friday Five: Where Have All The Mashups Gone?

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Last updated 20 April, 2018


In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from AV Club that traces the history and whereabouts of an entire dance genre that defined the noughties: Mashups. We’ve also got pieces from Billboard, Mixmag, DJ Worx and The Economist. Have a fantastic weekend ahead!

  1. What Ever Happened To The Mashup Artist? – The 2000s saw the rise of mashups, a boisterous amalgamation of pop, rock, hip-hop and dance music with tongue planted firmly in-cheek. Mashups and the producers that created them were internet sensations, so where are they now? AV Club investigates Go to article
  2. Billboard Dance 100 Artists of 2018 – Get up to speed and find out who the biggest and most popular dance acts are from Big Room to techno and beyond according to Billboard Go to article
  3. “Pay To Play” Kills DJing – To make a living spinning tunes, you’ve got to know what you’re worth. Mixmag makes a case against “pay to play” arrangements at clubs and festivals, and even playing for free Go to article
  4. Is New DJ Gear Really “Revolutionary”? – This article from DJ Worx takes a look at two pieces of DJ gear released a decade ago that, surprisingly, are just as capable as some recent DJ kit that have been billed as the next big thing. What gives? Read on to find out Go to article
  5. Your Personality Predicts Your Music Preference – There’s finally a scientific and psychological reason why you just can’t seem to get enough of Despacito. The Economist has it Go to article

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