Revealed: Pioneer DJ’s Turntable Controller To Take On Rane & Serato?

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Last updated 23 December, 2018


It’s all been about Rane recently with its touchscreen-enabled Seventy Two mixer and innovative Twelve turntable for Serato DJ. But secret renders have fallen into our possession that point to a potential comeback from Pioneer DJ.

We can’t reveal the source of the renders except to say they came from Spain (where the team member who uncovered them for us is based.)

We asked Abril Primero, our contact at Pioneer DJ España, for comment, but due to it being Semana Santa (Easter week), the company’s offices are closed and we have yet to receive a reply.

Abril Primero
The renders show the deck in a traditional orientation, but with oodles of technological add-ons, pitching it right where controllerism and turntablism meet.

While the Rane Seventy Two / Twelve set-up has a Serato control screen on the mixer, these renders show a screen on each deck. The decks also have controller-style transport controls (ie Play/Pause and Cue) and four big performance pads in a more usual 4 x 2 layout rather than the “all in a line” layout preferred by Rane’s Twelve (and indeed Denon DJ’s SC50000 players).

Although this year so far we’ve only reached April, the first indications are that it is going to be a belter for new DJ gear!

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What do you think of this potential “Pioneer DJ comeback” to the Rane take on modern turntablism? Let us know your thoughts in the comments…

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