DJ Skill Sessions #10: A Dead Easy 20BPM Change – Hip-Hop To House – Virtual DJ

Last updated 3 December, 2018


We’ve featured some pretty hard to learn stuff in our weekly DJ Skill Sessions, so today we thought we’d bring it right back to basics. Here’s a simple transition using a loop to change BPM, that anyone can have a go at. It gets you from 100BPM hip-hop to 120BPM house in just a few seconds and sounds great. It uses a tiny Pioneer DJ WeGO3 controller and Virtual DJ, but it’s simple on all software/hardware combos – you just need to have the ability to se an autoloop, hotcues and importantly, key lock.

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Use these tracks – Ol’Dirty Bastard “Got Your Money” (feat Kelis) and Disclosure “Latch” (feat Sam Smith) – or experiment with it with your own music, and look for tracks that are in the same or compatible keys, and that have acapella sections for you to make clean, interesting loops from. Have fun!

• This is an example of the types of transitions taught in our Mixing Power Skills course. Click here to find out more.

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