Friday Five: “It’s Important To Take Your Technique To The Next Level” – Danny Avila

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Club/Festival DJing Friday Five
Last updated 4 April, 2019


In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with an interview from Music Radar with superstar DJ/producer Danny Avila on his tips and tricks for becoming a world-class DJ in 2018. We’ve also got pieces from Big Think, Mixmag, The Huffington Post and Dancing Astronaut. Have a good weekend ahead!

  1. Danny Avila’s Success Secrets – Check out this exclusive interview with Danny Avila on what it takes to break through today’s competitive DJ/producer landscape Read the article
  2. How Emotions Affect Your Listening Habits – Check out this set of infographics from Big Think that shows what folk in the US listen to when they’ve got the “feels” Read the article
  3. The Music Industry Should Be Held Accountable For Avicii’s Death – We need to talk about mental health issues and how the global dance industry can take better care of the people working within it, says Mixmag Read the article
  4. How To Build A Better Sex Playlist – Skip the Kenny G and cheesy sax solos: The Huffington Post shows you how to build the ultimate playlist for those hot, steamy moments. Useful tips for giving your DJ sets a swerve to the sexy, too Read the article
  5. Life Lessons From A Reality Star Celebrity DJ – DJ Pauly D may not be top of mind when you think of a “professional, hardworking DJ” (ever seen Jersey Shore?) but this piece could make you rethink that. Dancing Astronaut has it Read the article

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