Friday Five: From Football Pitch To Dancefloor, The Power Of Music!

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Last updated 4 April, 2019


World Cup fever is on, and in this week’s Friday Five we’re leading with a piece from The Conversation that has powerful insights into how music rouses and bands us together whether in a club or at a football match. We’ve also got pieces from Pitchfork, Mixmag, Music Business Worldwide and Noisey. Have a fantastic weekend ahead!

  1. Why Music’s Tribal Power Works On The Football Pitch As Well As The Dancefloor – This article explains why music gets footballers “in the zone” before a match or during training sessions. You may be able to leverage that knowledge to build ecstatic moments in your DJ sets. The Conversation has it Read the article
  2. How Smart Speakers Are Changing The Way We Listen to Music – Folk in the US are increasingly turning to Alexa and Echo smart speakers when jamming out to tunes at home. Pitchfork explores the impact this is having on our listening habits Read the article
  3. Is It OK For DJs To Have Music Assistants? – Big name DJs go through hundreds of music promos daily, and while having an assistant help them sort through tunes may be a necessity for some, it’s just one piece of the responsibility puzzle that DJs are traditionally accountable for. Find out why in this piece from Mixmag Read the article
  4. DJ Career Advice: Don’t Wait. Act. – Get some tips in this interview with the management team responsible for the careers of Lana Del Rey and Dua Lipa. Music Business World has it Read the article
  5. An Ode To Late Nights On LimeWire – Before music streaming on phones became the de facto method for listening to music, people downloaded music onto their desktop computers with an app called LimeWire. Take a trip back to the 2000s with this Noisey piece Read the article

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