Friday Five: What Superstar DJs Really Get Up To

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 4 April, 2019


In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a review of a long-awaited book blowing the lid on the good – and the bad – in the lives of a whole generation of superstar DJs. We’ve also got articles from┬áThe New York Times, Mixmag, Music Radar and The Guardian. Have an awesome weekend ahead!

  1. Review: The Secret DJ Book – The Guardian checks out the first book published by the anonymous veteran jock and Mixmag contributor known only as “The Secret DJ”. You’ll want to get a copy for yourself after reading this piece Read the article
  2. Weird Times Call For Weirder Music – Facebook stealing our data, AI threatening to take our jobs, and cryptocurrency making millionaires one day and bankrupting some unlucky ones the next… the world we live in seems to be turning into an episode of Black Mirror. There’s never been a better time, then for electronic music to shine according to Mixmag Read the article
  3. 8 DJ/Producer Workflow Boosters – Give your DAW music-making a shot in the arm with these practical tips from Music Radar Read the article
  4. In the Capital Of Techno, Women Rule – The New York Times explores how techno’s “boys club” image has been shattered in the past few years thanks to female DJ/producer luminaries in Berlin’s underground scene who have been making waves and breaking barriers Read the article
  5. 47 Ableton Loop Sessions To Watch – Fact Mag rounds up the best panel discussions and seminars from last year’s Ableton Loop conference in Berlin (we were there!), and compiles a list of over forty Loop sessions from past years Read the article

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