Rane Responds To User Feedback With Improvements To Seventy-Two Mixer

Last updated 25 June, 2018


Rane DJ has just announced improvements to its flagship Seventy-Two mixer model including many tweaks that had been asked for by users, in the form of a firmware update to v1.2.

The promo video above has a talkthrough of some of the main changes, which include:

  • Pad modes now viewable on the touchscreen with a heads-up on screen display
  • An on/off option for the scroll knob to decide if it opens the library or not on the screen (a bugbear for some users)
  • The ability to pinch or expand the touchscreen waveforms to zoom in and out
  • Improvements to the echo effects to match those on the much loved Rane 62 mixer
  • The ability to edit “beat breaker” patterns (think custom gating) right on the touchscreen
  • Main mic channel improvements including beat-matched echo and granular control over talkover (“ducker”)
  • Very pretty flashing paddles when activated 🙂

It’s encouraging to see such a widespread update containing so many small improvements (there are many more – check out the announcement for the full list), which bodes well for the future of the mixer – although one of the biggest requests (post-fader Serato FX) does not seem to have made it into this update from what we’ve read/seen.

The ability for Rane to push out such updates at all, of course, shows one of the advantages of having a device that, essentially, is part computer, part hardware. Now, let’s be patient and see what v1.3 holds…

• More info over on the Rane website

Do you own this mixer? What do you think about these improvements? Let us know your thoughts below.

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