DJ Skill Sessions #18: Jazzy Jeff Button vs Real Scratching – Serato DJ & Pioneer DDJ-SB3 Routine

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Club/Festival DJing DJ Skill Sessions
Last updated 3 December, 2018


So you think you can’t mix well on small, entry level controllers? Check out our DJ Skill Session this week from DJ Carlo Atendido, where you’ll see the Jazzy Jeff “auto scratch” button alongside the same scratches performed manually.

This week’s mix example is also a bit of a masterclass in how spotting samples or matching elements between tracks opens up a whole realm of creative possibilities – especially when one or more of those tracks are instantly recognisable riffs.

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Carlo also gives another demo of crossfader cutting with two copies of the same track a beat offset, and shows how easy it is to use pad FX and filter to add spice to a mix without interrupting the flow of the beats (thanks to pad FX having a built-in “slip” function to help you keep time while using them).

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