DJ Skill Sessions #20: “Kanye West Vs Hardrive” Big BPM Switch – Serato DJ

Last updated 27 July, 2018


How about 106 BPM deep hip-hop to 125 BPM jackin’ house? Well, when Kanye West sampled two house classics in his down and dirty “Fade” track, how could we resist making a DJ Skill Sessions mashup?

In his original, Kanye sampled a Mr Fingers tune as well as “Deep Inside” by Hardrive, a stone-cold house classic from the mid-90s. The breakdown in his tune uses the vocal from Deep Inside, slowed down to 106 BPM. We used this to create a transition from Kanye’s 106 BPM track to the 125 BPM Low Steppa remix of the Hardrive tune.

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With the tracks synced and the the breakdowns lying over each other perfectly, and all it takes is a few EQ and level adjustments while raising the tempo through the breakdown, to arrive at a devastating drop and enact huge BPM and energy change.

Let us know what you think of this DJ Skill Session below!

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