Now Anyone Can Compose Easily With Captain Chords 2.0

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Captain Chords 2.0 Mixed in Key Produc
Last updated 17 July, 2018


Mixed In Key has launched Captain Chords v2.0, as part of its suite of Digital Audio Workstation plugins. It allows DJ/producers to write chord progressions in any key and scale. It can help you to build your own chord progressions from scratch, and discover the sounds of different chords.

The Captain VST plugins are designed to inspire DJ/producers, and are especially useful to those who don’t have musical theory training, because the included musical examples are based on proven past hits, and they also allow you to pair your chosen chord progressions with rhythms. You can then build on the results, adding your own ideas as you get closer to your finished track.

You can have the software identify chords you play on your keyboard, you can record chords directly from your computer keyboard, you can actually “strum” chords (as if you were playing them on a guitar), and at any time drag your Midi clip into your DAW. The Captain plugins work with Ableton Live, Logic, FL Studio and more – although there are also 100+ built-in sounds, including leads, keys, basslines, pads and guitars.

The Mac version of the suite comes with Captain Chords, Captain Melody, Captain Deep and Captain Play, and the Windows version comes with Captain Chords, Captain Deep and Captain Play.

• Find out more at the Mixed In Key website.

What composition tools do you use? Do you use Captain Chords or any of the other VST plugins in the range? Let us know your thoughts and experiences below…

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