DJ Skill Sessions #22: Hip Hop To Pop, Saxophone Style – Rekordbox & Pioneer DDJ-RX

Last updated 10 August, 2018


This week’s DJ Skill Sessions mix demo is an short excerpt from our runaway success Mixing Mastery course, showing you an easy way of changing tempo from 95BPM hip hop to 119BPM pop.

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The technique is dead simple (loop both tracks in sync, increase BPM), but the mix works so well because both tracks feature a saxophone riff heavily. The incoming saxophone on the Europop track fools you into thinking it’s carrying on from the hip-hop track, making the whole thing very smooth.

Let us know what you think of this week’s mix below – and don’t forget to check out our hugely popular Mixing Mastery course if you want detailed tuition on dozens of modern mix techniques like these.

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