Discogs Expands By Targeting Wider Regions and Obscure Formats

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Discogs Pro
Last updated 7 September, 2018


Discogs, the “Wikipedia of physical music” and an online crate-diggers’ paradise, has launched its September Pledge Initiative (S.P.IN.) for 2018 – an annual campaign in which it asks its more than 425,000 volunteers and contributors to help grow its catalogue.

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This year, rather than just going for sheer numbers, Discogs is campaigning to increase the diversity of its listings, with a particular emphasis on encouraging enhancement of the service’s catalogue of music from under-represented regions, like Asia and Latin America.

It is also asking contributors to add to its database of less popular formats like shellac, cassettes, and 8-tracks – all in support of the site’s mission to build the biggest and most comprehensive music database in the world.

More at on the Discogs blog.

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