Skill Sessions #29: “Look No Hands” Rekordbox Active Loops Mix

Steve Canueto | Read time: < 1 min
DJ Skill Sessions rekordbox
Last updated 3 December, 2018


Rekordbox has just had an “Active Loop” feature added, which lets you pre-set loops which will trigger automatically once the playing track reaches them. This can be used to “automate” elements of your mixes, which can easily help you do more dynamic and at times almost random things as you’re playing, which if done right, will never sound “wrong”. Active Loops thus are a great way to perform your favourite loop transitions without having to be “on guard” ready to start the loop each time you do it.

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The first track in this DJ Skill Session has an eight-beat loop on the final part of a vocal breakdown before the drop, and the second track uses just a one beat loop, again, just at the end of a breakdown before the drop (looping just before a drop is a great place because it means when you release the loop, the track kicks in “on demand”).

In this example, cutting back & forth between the drops required perfect timing, plus filter and EQ to keep things balanced – but the Active Loops steal the show for sure, making it so much easier to nail correctly every time.

Tracks Used

Andhim “Boy Boy Boy (MK Remix)
Chocolate Puma “Tonco Tone”

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