Why It Took So Long For Us To Make A Rekordbox Course

Last updated 1 October, 2018


As you may have noticed, our long-awaited Rekordbox Made Easy course has just been made available to the public. (Later I’ll tell you how, to help us celebrate its launch, you can grab a cool 35% off.)

Of course, we understand that for many of you this has been a mammoth wait – nothing has been requested more that this in our history. As you no doubt know we already have hugely popular software courses for Traktor, Serato and Virtual DJ as well as Ableton production training – but we’re kind of sheepish (to say the least) that we’ve never had a Rekordbox course… until now.

So I wanted to take a moment to explain why that is.

Get 35% off the course! It’s limited, so don’t delay…

Click here to go to the special presentation that explains what the course is  about and who it’s for. After you’ve seen the short presentation you’ll be offered a strictly limited chance to buy the course at 35% off. Remember, this is for the launch period only, so please do take 10 minutes to have a look while you can.

So, the reason is partly because Rekordbox is such a “broad product”, working with and without the laptop, used by all the pro DJs but also bundled with beginner controllers, able to use video and control lights, and much more… so any course from us had to be broad enough to cover all those use cases.

It also had to be easy enough for beginners to use (and fast), but “deep” enough to cover every single feature for pros. That’s why we took our time to get it right. And we think once you take a look, you’ll agree that we have…

So what does it work with?

This training uses and is designed to teach you all the features of Rekordbox across all of these controllers and DJ systems… and more (such as all the Serato controllers that also work with Rekordbox like the DDJ-SB, SR, SX etc.)

Whether you use a beginner Rekordbox controller line the DDJ-400 or DDJ-RB, a standalone unit like the XDJ-RX, RX2 or new RR, the flagship DDJ-1000, or have a full-on DJM/CDJ NXS2 system (or play on such systems in the clubs) – the course is for you. We use all of this gear in the training, we explain the pros/cons, and we even coach you on how to effortlessly DJ from Rekordbox on laptop or USB – so from controllers to DVS, all-in-one systems to club standard set-ups, it works for the lot.

It will always be with you

It’s worth reinforcing that point: Unlike any other DJ platform you really can use Rekordbox right from the start of your career all the way to the biggest festival stages, because you’ll encounter Pioneer gear in all the top DJ booths – guaranteed.

But you’ll never make the most of it unless you understand it inside out – and that’s why Rekordbox Made Easy is such a great companion for ANY and ALL Rekordbox DJs. Check it out, now it’s (finally) here!

Have you been waiting for this course? Have you tried it and got some feedback for us? Please let us know your thoughts below…

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