DJ Skill Sessions #32: Ethan Leo’s Mission Impossible – Denon DJ SC5000 Prime

Last updated 20 October, 2018


We’re excited to welcome Ethan Leo to the Digital DJ Tips team this week for our DJ Skill Session. Ethan played guitar in a heavy metal band for many years, and his DJ sound definitely reflects that musical heritage.

Ethan’s first routine with us is a riff on the Mission Impossible theme, with a huge EDM drop and some impressive live jamming on the cue pads to close out.

Watch this on YouTube

Watch out for: Ethan’s use of loops; the baby scratch at the start (anyone can do this!); the way he uses echo and filter to blend; and the way he uses cue points and great timing for fast, effectively BPM changing WITHOUT any beatmixing.

The real magic is when he uses the cue buttons on his Denon DJ SC5000s to play the main riff, then to jam a complete melody from a single note – something you can do on any DJ controller that has eight pads per deck. Watch out for him using the pitch fader not only to change speed, but to change key too (it’s called a “pitch” fader for a reason – but keylock has to be turned off…).

Try it yourself…

If you’d like to have a go at this yourself, the tracks he uses are Bangarang by Skrillex feat. Sirah; Mission Impossible Theme by Lalo Schifrin; and Back Again by Nilson & Freddy See.

And for the final synth solo? Ethan uses a synth sound of his own, but he’s kindly shared it with us – you can download it here. Drag it into your music library in your DJ software and load it like any other track.

Have fun, and let us know what you think of this routine below!

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