DJ Skill Sessions #31: “Breakdown, Countdown, Move It!” – Serato & Pioneer DDJ-SB3

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 Pro Serato Dj
Last updated 10 October, 2018


DJ Carlo Atendido shows us a whole host of skills using Serato DJ and the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 in this week’s DJ Skill Sessions mix, many of which are simple to copy and use in your sets.

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Look out for how he uses different remixes of the same tune for effect; how he uses the breakdown in one song to smoothly mix into another, switching on the drop; how he uses echo to accentuate the “countdown” acapella; how he beat syncs two tracks that are exactly double/half the tempo of each other, for a quick pitch shift; and how he uses the crossfader to rapidly cut in and out for effect.

We hope you enjoy it – and do let us know your thoughts below!

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